Pigeon Demise at a Cost

In News by Daniel Bechtel

A detailed cost of pigeon eradication on the Sid Buckwold bridge in Saskatoon has become an issue for some. It is discouraging to hear that the city does not investigate alternatives or demand that consultants charged with the bird removal find alternative methods of removal other than euthanization. I am a toxicologist and consult for many companies that market products in Canada which require regulatory oversight. One particular client markets an avian repellent. The birds dislike the odour and vacate the area when sprayed with this product. It is safe to them as well as humans and the environment. While the product is unregistered for this particular use in Canada, it is used for this purpose in the US. The City of Saskatoon would only need to apply for an emergency or special use permit with Health Canada in order to investigate the possibility to ward off the birds without killing some 1500 of them. This would save tax payers a significant cost and save pigeons from ultimate demise. The prevention of bird deaths alone would justify the application to Health Canada. The product could also ensure pigeons don’t return.